Sunday 10 June 2012

Super Cute "No sew" Bunting Tutorial

Let's be honest, who doesn't love bunting? Well, actually, boys don't love bunting. They don't get it for some reason.....Fools. But everyone else in the entire world loves bunting and that's good enough for me!

So what do you do when you have a spare Sunday and lots of cute Ikea fabric? You make your own bunting, of course! Unfortunately, me and my sewing machine (sorry, my sewing machine and I) fell out last year when I tried to put a free motion quilting foot on it. I wanted to make pretty doodles on fabric but the tension went all wrong and then the only tension was between me and the sewing machine....anyway, I digress! Here's how you make bunting without the sewing part:

Step one:
Gather your materials together. You will need - some fabric, an iron, some Wunderweb (or hemming tape), some ribbon, scissors, a pencil and some card.

Webbing tape from the Range - on special offer!

Step two:
Cut yourself a triangular "bunting shape" template. You need to cut it out of card so that it stays rigid. Lay it out on the back of your fabric and use a pencil to draw around it. Then flip it over at the top so that you are drawing a diamond shape. (The reason you do this is so you can fold the diamond in half to create double-sided bunting that is stuck together through the middle.....)

Fold your template in half to check that it's symmetrical.

Step three:
Cut out several fabric diamonds from a variety of fabrics. The number you will need depends on how long you want your bunting to be. Lay them out and play around with different sequences!

Scandinavian style fabrics from Ikea.
Step four:
Now comes the ironing part! Firstly, you need to fold your diamond in half (wrong sides facing) and iron the top crease flat.
Open it back out and lay the ribbon along the middle line. Cut some lengths of hemming tape and lay them along the edge. Don't leave any gaps or the fabric will come apart!

Use the hemming tape to create a triangle around the bottom piece.

Step five:
Ok, so now comes the ironing part! Fold the top triangle over at the crease and iron over the top. The iron needs to be on quite a hot setting and I put a tea towel underneath just in case anything went wrong. (By the way, I didn't steal that napkin from Jamie's Italian, I got someone else to nick it for me! As my mother says, I was not raised that way. But she didn't mention anything about receiving stolen goods......)

Step six:
Iron on all your triangles/ diamonds leaving a gap between each one on the ribbon. Hang somewhere pretty and enjoy! Tell all your friends how clever you are.


Anonymous said...

Fab tutorial! I love that you pointed out how boys don't like bunting. I've just been sitting in front of the football crocheting some bunting for our bathroom and my boyfriend started complaining about it! I don't understand boys ;-)

Anonymous said...

New follower!
Love your blog. Just been having a catch up and now I feel I need bunting, Jamie's Italian and a brooch bouquet! I'm not getting married, just for every day you know...
Anyway, great posts and now following you =)

Unknown said...

This is adorable and while time-consuming looks super-easy! Love it!

Becky @ x

Nadia said...

But why don't boys like bunting? My bf commented at christmas that "there's no point putting up christmas decorations, no one will notice since the place is covered in 'triangles' anyways"

I'm going to suggest wonderweb to all the people who want to staple their bunting.

Unknown said...

I frigging love bunting. This is brilliant.

Jenny said...

Interesting. I have no idea what a BUNTING is but this looks nifty and I guess it's some sort of... thinger to make the room pretty xD Shall have to give it a go sometime.

Damian said...

Hi! I'm a boy and I found this page while looking for non-sew bunting for my room/house. I think you're mixing with the wrong boys! I even have bunting on my website... Thanks for the tutorial!