Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Here little camera.....

I wanted to post a few pictures of my looks over the last few days and also to show you the reality of having to decorate your house to make it suitable to sell...Yes, I will be having to sell my house :( 
Unfortunately, in the minefield that is my bedroom, I may have buried my camera under all my clothes that I had to take out of the wardrobe (in order to paint behind it!)
Trying to stay positive at the moment when things are all a bit rubbish...Going into town to hand in my CV was a bad idea as I moped around the shops not being able to buy anything! To be fair, I have bought things recently but I can't really buy anything else for a while. It's just a bit rubbish to look around shops which suddenly have LOVELY items in them and not being able to buy them! And to top it all off I can't have chocolate to cheer myself up because a) I'm on a bit of a diet from my recent wait gain and b) it sets of my migraines and I suffer for it!!

Got any suggestions?

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LonnekeS said...

hahah f*k the diet and eat chocolate!! (Not the best idea if you het migraines..) It's the only thing that helps (if you look like me tough), but anyway, can't wait to see the pictures (:

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