Friday, 18 March 2011

Weeks of work...

As promised, I found my buried camera so here are quite a few recent outfits I have been wearing. I'm slightly concerned by how cross eyed I look in some of them! I am not cross eyed!

This is my favourite picture! The weather was so good that day that I was able to make my outfit a bit more summery!

My second favourite outfit. This is what I wore to go to a vintage fair last week.
They get progressively worse from here on in!

See, both a little bit dodgy!

These are as above but without the leather jacket :)

That lace dress again...this time with a 70's vibe and brown leather boots.

I might have already posted this picture? That's my new leather biker jacket in action!
I probably should have broken up some of my future posts with these pictures but hey, I'm not perfect! I'm working for the next 4 days so there will be no good outfits coming up! usual I have to go as it's getting late and I have to prepare for work tomorrow!


Hannah said...

what a great selection of outfits, i love the lace dress it's so pretty

Bow Dream Nation xx

LonnekeS said...

love the lace dress! looks so pretty on you!