Wednesday, 9 March 2011

On the subject of age...

I've hit a wall. I no longer know what is age appropriate fashion wise. After a brief discussion at work it has been confirmed that I should no longer be wearing a denim mini skirt at my age!! (30 this year)
I'd like to know if there are exceptions to this unwritten rule? Is it ok if I look younger than my actual age? Is it ok if I'm thin and have great legs? (I'm not saying that I have!)
I gave up slogan and cartoon picture t-shirts a while ago but am I ready to give up my fail safe fashion style? (FYI that means denim skirt, tights, a preppy shirt and boots.) And if I give that up, what do I wear instead? I honestly have no idea. I've recently realised that all the girls I look to for fashion inspiration are in fact just girls and not women my age! I mean, blimey, I take fashion tips from school girls! Does fashion stop being accessible when you hit 30? Do I have to go and buy plain basics?
This post will hopefully explain my new fascination with finding a "late 20's something role model".......I don't know whether there are just not many of them out there or if I've just been ignoring them in favour of anyone under 25! I don't recall seeing many fashion blogs by women over the age of 30? Well, the hunt starts here.....

Do you think there are certain things that shouldn't be worn by women over a certain age?

After doing a little research on google, the first post/article I have found gives this rule:

Rid your closet of cut-off mini skirts, tattered jeans and message tees. I like to ask myself this question: Would this land me on "What Not to Wear"? If the answer is yes, it's buh-bye!

Well that answers the mini skirt question then!!!  The general consensus seems to be "invest in wardrobe classics" and then funk it up a bit with coloured handbags and jewellery. That seems a bit dull to me!
Trying to find a suitable celebrity style icon is proving hard too.....Looking at a list of celebs who are about my age has only turned up Christina Aguilera (tacky), Gisele Bundchen (never going to look like that!), Jessica Simpson (tacky) , Kerry Katona (creepy), Paris Hilton (tacky). The pickings are slightly better for 29 year olds...

Nicole Richie:

This is such a gorgeous picture. Age appropriate? Maybe? I love Nicole Richie's style but it's hard to find pictures of her that aren't just focusing on how thin she is!

Rachel Bilson is another favourite of mine:

I think she is going to be my new style crush!!!
This post has taken me an amazing 2 hours to research and write!!!! I hope this helps other late 20's somethings.....

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