Friday, 25 March 2011

Sell sell sell !

Sorry for my absentness! I have been in the process of selling my house :(   It is now officially on the market so I have been spending a lot of time cleaning and tidy and chopping down my 180ft garden!
Also, because I have been doing all this stuff I haven't had time (or the money) to shop or look pretty! Well, today I am making a special effort. Lucky you.
Reading through all my facebook wall posts, I found one from LOOK magazine advertising Barry M's new colours of Crackle Top Coat.....You may have seen my previous post on Models Own's new crackle glaze nail polishes so obviously someone is copying someone! The article says that these Barry M ones will be out in June..

I already have the black one which is a little bit severe but I really like the look of the pink and the blue for summer. Can't wait to paint my nails in pastel shades again! Just waiting for my tan to start appearing!
Hmm....what else is on my radar? I have just found out that Topshop are having a flash sale! Why do shops do this to me when I have no money? Maybe because I am so often broke or saving for something!

I quite like this Emma Cook £25 down form £65..

And actually that's about all I found! The 2 other things I liked were only available in a size 16. Not my size. I have to say, I'm not actually a huge fan of Topshop. I find most of it pretty unwearable.
If you are more into your designer fashion, then theoutnet is having a sale!
Unfortunately it looks like a lot of the best stuff has sold out already as it's only a 4 day sale. Worth a look anyway!
I'll be back with more soon. Promise!

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