Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Writers' block...

I haven't been doing much recently....except continuing to do up my house for sale! I did find time to try out a new nail painting technique - using scotch tape to do stripes. Here are the results:

Tape off sections to paint a different colour.

Ok, so they aren't amazing but not bad for my first attempt! I think next time I will stick to one colour for the stripes and make them wider.
It thought you might be interested to see my epic garden so you can understand how much time it has taken to clean it up!!

This is my boyfriend clearing the brambles in the bit of the garden after the decking...

And this is it AFTER we have cleared it! It's more noticeable in real life...

This is the decked area which is lovely for bbq's. We spent Monday scrubbing the wood clean so it's not this colour anymore!
And lastly is my beautiful shed which we painted blue to give it a beach house style!

 The roof could do with a bit of work but as we're moving I don't see the point!
In other news, Urban Outfitters has an offer for 20% with the code spring11 - I found this through Look magazine. They have some lovely lomography cameras and gorgeous, vintage style home wares.....If only I didn't have to save my money :(  
All monetary donations will be gladly accepted..... !

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