Thursday, 21 July 2011

DIY pearl plaited friendship bracelet

I've had a few days off this week (lieu time!) so I've been getting around to all those little crafty things that I like to do. So, here is a little tutorial on how to make yourself a friendship bracelet with pearls woven in to it:

All you need is:

Some embroidery thread - I used 3 strands of each colour above.
Some pearls that have a whole through the middle.
A safety pin to hold the bracelet in place whilst you plait it.

I cut the thread to about 30cm in length as I wanted it to wrap around my wrist more than once.
Tie a knot in the end of the strands and thread the safety pin through it. Attach it to a cushion.
Separate the 3 colours.

Plait the threads for about 4 or 5cms to give yourself something to tie the bracelet with. Thread a pearl onto one strand of one colour.

Top Tip: I threaded one of the strands onto a small needle to make it easier to put the pearl on. I then left this needle attached to this thread and used it as the only one that I put pearls on to. It's not easy to get the thread through the pearl so this saves time!

Add a pearl every centimetre or so, or however you want your design to look.

Plait the end to the same length as the beginning and tie a knot. Et Voila!

A beautiful, thrifty bracelet that is cheap and easy to make!

P.S The pearls I used where left over from a previous DIY that I did on a vest top.
I also used them on this embroidery project that I'm working on:

They will be sewn on to create the flower centres. But more on that another day!

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victoriaaaa said...

i found your blog on heartifb and im glad i did because you have some awesome diy projects going on...especially the hair extension one in the last post

hope to see more of your posts! :)