Friday, 8 July 2011

Shop, shop, shop...

Hiya! I have lots to share with you today as I've actually had a few days off this week.

Up first is that top and shorts combo I bought from Gap:

This outfit is super comfy when the weather is actually hot! I managed to spend my day off on Monday in the garden and have improved my colour a little bit. Or so I thought until I saw how brown my mum is! She cheated though - she has just go back from Turkey....

So what have I been buying? Let's start with some flower lights that I got in Sainsburys for just £2.50..

They look lovely around my bed but I don't know how much I will realistically bother to turn them on.

A little later in the week I hit the shops again and got the Fat Face jacket I wanted!!!! Yay! I won't bother with a picture just yet as you can see what it looks like from my previous posts. I also got some cheap make-up from Boots - from The Natural Collection. Who can resist when every item is under £2?

Sorry about the blurry picture... Whilst in Boots I noticed that they have started making large cans of Batiste for only £2.99 As I go through the little cans at the speed of light, I had to invest. After much deliberation, I went for "diva."

If you've never tried Batiste then you are missing out. It's the only hair product that I swear by.

I bought one more thing that day, this necklace for £3 in Miss Selfridge's....

Everybody loves a peter pan collar, right? Not entirely sure what to wear it with....answers on a postcard?
Maybe just a plain, round necked t-shirt.

I went into town again today with my mum as she was visiting. We had a yummy, low calorie lunch in Bella Italia. I completed lots of errands - finding a sports bra, getting the security tag removed from my winter coat sale bargain etc...

So, I bought Mollie Makes (issue 3), a sports bra and white bra from the Debenhams sale and also some knickers from New Look to use up my credit note. Glad I don't have to go in there again for a while. As I said before, their sizing is RUBBISH.

Mmmm...sports wear is sooo sexy. Not.

At least I won't have to do my jogging whilst trying to hold my baps in place! Lol. Not a good look...

My mum bought me a couple of things back from Turkey...

I love a designer rip off :)  No one but you guys will know.... I had to get a couple of links taken out of the watch as I have the wrist size of a small child! (The sunglasses are Gucci..)

And finally, I have to give a BIG shout out to my latest follower, Katie. Welcome :)   

P.S I won't be doing one of those Primark AW11 posts as it has been done on so many other blogs, and besides, I don't really love that much of it. And the stuff I did like in the summer collection never seemed to make it into my local store. So if you are interested, you'll have to look elsewhere!

P.P.S I have heard today that Gucci are going to be doing a collaboration with H&M in November. I'm pretty sure it was Gucci. I'll check at some point!

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