Saturday, 16 July 2011

New girl crush

Evening! :)  I'm super happy to have some new followers this week. Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

So, the subject of this evening's post is my newest girl crush. I've been spending a bit of my time watching America's Next Top Model (Cycle 11) and have fallen in love with Annaleigh Tipton. She only came third unfortunately but she just has a lovely style.

If only I looked like that in a bikini!!! My diet is not having any effect by the way....

This picture makes me want to grow my hair and never cut it ever again!

Do you see what I mean? I thought season 11 was a little bit dull and I didn't really take to any of the other girls. When you've watched several seasons, it all gets a bit "samey." If you want to watch it, it's currently "On Demand" on BT Vision. (Freeview)

Laters, alligators.....

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty - Really great eyes.