Thursday, 14 July 2011

A little bit of burn...

I've been making the most of the sunshine today but unfortunately I've been enjoying it a little too much....I know have sunburn. Cue tons of after-sun lotion which I've been keeping in the fridge!

I have a few things to tell you about.....I've found 2 new programmes to watch on Viva (it's a freeview channel that seems to play MTV programmes)

The first is called "Parental Control" and is a dating show with a twist.....the parents don't like their child's boyfriend or girlfriend so they get to pick 2 new people for them to go on a date with and the boyfriend/girlfriend has to watch the date! It's so harsh! Then the kid has to pick who they want to go out with. I've only seen one so far where they have ditched their other half....

The second show which is on straight after is called "Plain Jane" and is presented by Louise Roe (who was on the second season of The City.) They get a boring looking girl and then spy on her crush, then they give her a makeover and make her do lots of embarrassing tasks. Finally she has to tell her crush that she likes him and hope he feels the same way! Cringe....It's quite sweet though. Gotta love a bit of romance, right?

The other cool thing I have discovered recently is an app called "My fitness pal." It's on android and maybe Iphone? (I don't have one so obviously haven't looked.) You can also find it online at
It's basically a calorie tracker that helps you to lose weight. It's super simple to set up and easy to find the foods you've eaten. It gives you a guide to how many calories you can eat to lose a certain amount of weight and I'm finding it pretty helpful. It's probably not a good thing to try if you have any eating issues but I'm confident that I have a sensible outlook on the whole thing! Give it a try!

Don't you just love the way there is an app for everything? Sesame Street sum this up brilliantly....

So cool...

The boyfriend and I were saying that it would be nice to have a paddling pool to dip our feet into on a hot day like today, so we went to town and bought one! Unfortunately, we bought it from Poundland and didn't read the size on the label. You maybe can't tell from this picture but this pool is tiny. It would work well as a cat bath. I couldn't even find that out though as there was also a hole in it. Fail.

When you look at the picture, it looks like a regular size pool! Oh well. What a waste of a pound.

I'm going to head off now and watch "Help! My house is falling down!"  (unlucky) and then have a very cold shower on my sunburn!


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