Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Messing about with Picasa

I'm always looking for ways to improve my blog and boy, does it take time!! At the moment I've been checking out photo editing programmes. I've looked at alternatives to Photoshop like Gimp but there are no obvious tutorials and I think I would be there forever working it out.......

I've just found Picasa and it seems pretty easy. What I like most so far is that you can make a "grid" or "collage" of your photos. I hadn't so far worked out a way to get my photos side by side without faffing around with HTML so this is perfect for me!

Primark Maxi Dress, New Look Sandals,
 Ann Summers Witch Costume, Playing Draw Something.
Above is a quick overview of what I have been doing this week! I love my new Primark maxi dress- it was only £13. My new sandals were an exchange for those tan wedges a few posts back. The witches costume picture probably shouldn't be on this family friendly blog.......but it's not that revealing! It will probably go back to the shop. And lastly, like the rest of the world, I'm obsessed by Draw Something. Such a great way to waste time......(If you want to play against me, I'm under the username girlfrommars79)

I've also been messing around with the colours on various photos (like on the maxi dress pic above.) I think some of my pics look a bit washed out sometimes so mainly I've been darkening them and upping the contrast. Like this one below...

Tablecloths in Turkey
I think I posted this a couple of days ago in my holiday photos but I like it so much better with the colours vamped up! Anywayz, none of this is probably very interesting for you, but I wanted to explain what I've been up to. I swear I spend more time reading blogs and learning blog stuff than actually writing!

Maxi Dress, Primark.
Expect to see this dress A LOT.

I've just found a tv programme on Choccywoccydoodah (cake shop in Brighton) on Really so I'm off to watch that! Crappy tv programmes are my guilty pleasure.....

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