Sunday, 29 April 2012

Guilty pleasures: Audrina Patridge

I started by watching "Laguna Beach - The Real OC" which soon progressed to "The Hills" starring Lauren Conrad. Then Whitney Port got her own spin-off show in "The City" and finally Audrina Patridge has the imaginatively named "Audrina."

It's currently on the tv channel Really on freeview. It's all about Audrina and her celeb life style and her totally crazy mum (or mom probably) who I'm sure is high on something.....she seems to slur every sentence! It's totally cheesy but somehow I can't stop watching it.

Star of "Audrina"

Audrina Patridge
She is so skinny and pretty - totally jealous!  I'm sure it's a little easier if you have a stylist, personal trainer, hairdresser, make up artist etc

Anyway, I digress...... My love of terrible American tv started with the film "Clueless" which is currently on tv at this moment! I've always secretly wanted to be an American cheerleader.....Don't judge me.

You know already that I love Made In Chelsea. I've moved on a little from Millie Macintosh to Louise Thompson. Her style is so cute and Jamie is my favourite out of the boys!

Louise Thompson - Made In Chelsea
 There aren't many pics available of her - but this one of her sequin collar is pretty cool! She doesn't look too happy though.....

But my favourite Made In Chelsea look is from their various trips to "the country." They do British Chic style so well! I sadly can't find any decent pics of this. Think tweed, Barbour jackets and Hunter wellies and you are somewhere close.

What is you favourite tv show? Have you seen 2 Broke Girls yet? Soooo funny...

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thekittenswhiskers said...

I looooove made in chelsea! i want to watch two broke girls but haven't got round to it yet.

Laila x