Friday, 27 April 2012

Styling my brogues!

Howdy! I don't know how it started but all of a sudden I had a passion for brogues. I don't think I even liked them before this week.....!

About a year ago, a girl came into the shop where I work wearing some amazing silver, leather brogues with skinny jeans. She was effortlessly cool. Then recently I stumbled across these gorgeous brown brogues with ribbon laces from Nordstrom:

BP. 'Paxton' Oxford Flat
"Paxton Oxfords" £39 from Nordstrom

Reasonably priced until you factor in the shipping costs of about £20! They have so many lovely pairs though.....sigh.
Another place that I found lovely brogues was Clarks. But they were £50. A little too much for a passing fancy. Then I found some Bertie ones for £44.99 in TK Maxx. They were also lovely. However, I finally settled on these from the Topshop sale:

Black suede brogues £15 from Topshop (sale)
They are really comfy and were reduced from £32. You can get them on the website - they are called "magician."

I'm currently wearing them with a nautical inspired dress and grey tights.

Brogues and a dress!
Do you like them? When I pinned the Clarks ones on Pinterest, my Dad asked if granny shoes were in fashion and said I should look in charity shops as "that's where elderly, deceased people send their shoes."

Thanks Dad.

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