Monday, 23 April 2012

Some days are better than others

Well, after a stressful couple of days, today was pretty good. I got a pay rise and two new followers for my blog! What more could a girl ask for?

I'm planning on maybe doing a little baking tomorrow so if I do, I'll let you see the results! I fancy making buns. Unfortunately, I'm hugely indecisive so it takes me about 3 hours to pick a recipe, and by then I can't be bothered with the whole thing. Also, I might be a little bit of a control freak and therefore I don't like to let people help. They might do it wrong.....

I'd love to make something else with peanut butter and chocolate but my boyfriend I'm ruing my diet by eating one of these:

Peanut butter nutter ChokABlok ice creams from Tesco


Oh, and by the way, I tried my new Tresemme styling spray (see previous post) and it does seem to have made my hair shinier. And it smells good, so for £3 you can't really go wrong!

Off to watch Gossip Girl. Catch you laterz...

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