Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pearl Peter Pan Collars

Evening :) I decided to put a little effort into my outfit today....doesn't happen often!

Peter Pan collar necklace from
Miss Selfridges.

Dress from New Look, belt from Peacocks, boots as usual!
Sometimes my outfits come together really well, like today. Other days it just isn't happening. I bought this necklace ages ago but never found anything to wear it with......until now!

I was also having a pretty good hair day and had some time on my hands so I put in my Headkandy hair extensions....

Headkandy hot toffee hair extensions
I still haven't really perfected the art of putting them in, as my hair is quite fine. I struggle to hide the clips - and no one wants to go out with seriously obvious hair extension bumps!

And from behind...

Headkandy hair extensions
Mostly, I'm just so impressed that the "hot toffee" colour is such a perfect match for my own hair colour!

Other than prancing about in my bedroom, I went to town and had a yummy muffin and cup of tea in Starbucks. Starbucks is my happy place. It used to be Borders, but they went bust. Boo hiss. Actually, there used to be a Starbucks in Borders. That was the ultimate heaven...

Starbucks tall tea and blueberry muffin

Well, time to head off for dinner....and there is a kitten under my arm which is making it hard to type....

P.S I was not about to name this post "pearl necklace" - that would have been an entirely different sort of post!


Becky Conroy said...

Ooooo I like the dress with the buttons down the back! And thanks for stopping by my blog :-) My blog list is getting long too but love finding new ones to read.

Nisha said...

Love the collar!