Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mugs, cake tins and pick your own vegetables

Evening! I'm currently watching Superscrimpers so if my sentences don't make sense then you'll know why....

Got a couple of photos for you - images speak louder than words!

Wedding brooch bouquet with Ikea flowers, fruit and vegetables from Pickwells (pick your own!)

I've been continuing with my Wedding Brooch Bouquet which so far has taken hours and hours and hours....etc
I was finding it hard to get a good shape for the bouquet so I decided to go and find some artificial flowers to use as spacers. I had seen some in Hobby Craft but couldn't be bothered to drive back over there so I stopped in to Ikea and picked up 8 stems for 75p each. That's more like it!

They look super amazing so I'm well on my way to a finished bouquet.

We also took a trip to a place called Pickwells where you can pick your own fruit and veg. I had some lovely green beans for dinner and the boy made a yummy crumble out of raspberries, blackcurrants and 2 apples. All that food in the bottom right photo came to £7.50. And £1.50 of that was the Hello Kitty cookies and posh crisps!

Whilst in town, I spotted the fox mug in the photo below (£5 from Marks and Spencers) which was so beautiful that I couldn't resist it. I literally HAD to have it. I saw the cake tins (also M and S) and thought of Hannah Banana. Who can resist a bit of retro? I didn't buy those though as I'm budgeting (supposedly) this month....

And that's Lily at the bottom. I thought her silhouette was just very photographable. That should probably be "photogenic" but photographable just sounds better and more catty......

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The Furey Follies said...

Oh I so love the brooch bouquet its a great idea. How is the rest of the wedding planning going? Aw I wish I was doing it all again. Love the mug too =)