Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wedding Paper Divas save the day!

Something VERY exciting happened to me yesterday. I got mail. Not "in the post" type mail. Email. From a company! To be precise, the company I blogged about yesterday.

Somehow, they had seen my post and wanted to thank me for raising awareness of their site. They have let me pick out some "save the date" cards as a thank you. This is my very first "collaboration" with a company through my blog so I'm definitely not playing it cool (as you can see.) No little asterix quietly announcing a sponsored post for me.......

I imagine my cards will probably take a couple of weeks to arrive as the company is based in America - that particular piece of post is sure to cause me to emit a squeel!

Signature White Textured Thank You Cards Happy Forever - Front : Coral
Would it be wrong to send them one of their own "thank you"
cards as a thank you?!
I had a good look around their site at their other products and found that they offer a free website hosting for your engagement. So, obviously I set one of those up straight away! It was really easy and you can match the background to the invitations or save the dates that you've ordered. It gives you an area for photos, you can use it as an RSVP, a guestbook etc. As a techno-phobe I found it pretty fool proof (which is saying something!) The link for the website which is called "Nearlyweds" is ---> HERE

After much deliberation, I'm not going to show you my website or the cards I've picked as I don't want to spoil it for my guests but I'll show you the cards once they've been sent out.

Right, I'm off to add some things to my Nearlyweds site! If I've missed any vital information then let me know......

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