Monday, 20 August 2012

Things you probably didn't know about me

1) I hold a grudge. I might forgive, but I never forget. Ever. Don't mess with me!

2) I over share. I'll tell anyone, anything.

3) I love cats. I'd have a whole house full if I could!

4) I like horror films. There is currently a "Frightfest" on channel 4. I've seen them all.

5) When I was little, my brother poured paint stripper over my head. We were playing in the garage and he wanted to wash my hair for me.  I don't think my Dad was allowed to look after us after that....

6) I'm good at languages. If I had learnt Italian at school instead of French I would probably be living in Italy right now.

7) Every night, I sleep with a bear called Jake.

8) I'm friends with nearly all my exes. I'm that girl.

9) I hate girls that say they don't have any female friends. You friends are all male because you are slutty and that's why girls don't like you.

10) I always wanted to be an American cheerleader as a teenager.

11) My favourite colour is blue.

12) I weigh myself every day.

13) I used to hate mashed potato. One fleck would make me wretch.

14) My biggest fashion crime was wearing purple leggings with pink slouch socks.

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Anna said...

hey there! i'm your newest follower :)

Anna xo