Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Return of 90's Grunge - AW12 Trend Prediction

It's not often that I feel clued in enough to predict the trends for next season but I'm pretty sure the 90's grunge trend is about to make a huge revival!

I mentioned the other day that I had been watching "My So Called Life" and was loving the oversized plaid shirt look. Then I went into Urban Outfitters and realised that they have nailed this trend.

Conquering the 90's grunge trend:
Plaid shirts - that means checks and tartan style fabrics!
Navajo jackets
Heavy boots like Doc Martins or Converse sneakers
Black eyeliner

You can either hunt for vintage items (is it vintage if it's only from the nineties?!) or buy new from places like Urban Outfitters or Topshop. This look works best on tall, skinny girls (unfortunately) as they can layer up and wear boyfriend sized items without looking dumpy! Think Kristen Stewart on a super moody day.

Here are my favourite pictures from around the net to inspire you.....
Angela and Rayanne in denim and plaid and florals.
Navajo prints and backpacks
Don't be afraid to mix florals and checks!
Modernising the look at Titania Inglis - 2012 Fashion Week

What to buy and where to buy it:
Plaid jacket from Topshop

Ecote Blue Plaid Grunge Shirt £42.00

from Urban Outfitters.
Aztec Rucksack £48 from Urban Outfitters

Dr Marten's X Liberty Aisha Boots £120
 from Urban Outfitters

Right, well my pictures all seem to be going all wonky now and Blogger has taken on a mind of it's own so I'll leave it there! This trend is great because it's super comfy and not too "try hard."
If it looks like you threw in a bunch of clothes and ran out the door then you've nailed it!

P.s Hey Blogger, where did my signature go? And why are you writing so small? This isn't the caption! Sheesh.

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Love the grunge 90s trend! I'm planning on writting a post on it tomorrow in fact :) Brilliant blog

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