Monday, 27 August 2012

Save The Date!

Hello! Happy Bank Holiday. I'm actually not working today (first time for everything!) so me and the boy (the boy and I) went to visit our potential wedding reception venue. I had already seen it but wanted to check that my other half would be happy.

It's still a beautiful setting for a reception so we'll be booking it pretty soon! We went to the church earlier in the week (which is also gorgeous) and spoke to the registrar about dates. I'm not going to tell you the date we've picked as we have also been looking at "save the dates."

For anyone who has never planned a wedding, save the dates are cards you send out early on to let people know when to book time off work! Then you send out invitations at a later date with the rest of the information.

I found a really great website that has lots of designs for invitations and everything else you could possibly want to coordinate called Wedding Paper Divas  You can find their Save The Date cards here:

It has a lot of different styles to choose from so there should be something for everyone! Here are a few of my favourites (not including the ones we might pick!):

Save the date - available at Wedding Paper Divas

By the way, this post is not sponsored! These are just designs I like. Although....if anyone does want to sponsor me or send me free Save The Dates then I'm well up for that!

So, everything is getting well under way and we have just over a year to get our planning thing on. Next up is finding a wedding photographer.....any suggestions? :)

Oh, and also they said I could have a dessert table/ sweets table so I can't wait to start planning that! Pinterest, here I come....(you can find my wedding board at girlfrommars79 - probably!)

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