Saturday, 29 September 2012

DIY Zara studded collar trench coat

Whilst out shopping in London yesterday, I stopped off in Zara and fell in love with a classic, beige
trench coat. Very Audrey Hepburn. This one was a little more "on trend" though - it had a studded collar.
The problem? It was £89.99. I just don't have that sort of money!

Zara studded collar trench £89.99
So, it occurred to me.....that's really easy to make. This isn't even really a tutorial as it's so easy!

Step one:
Find a basic trench coat for a fraction of the cost.
From doing a quick search on Google, I've found lots on sale for under thirty pounds.

Try a website like

Step two:
Buy some studs from Ebay. Again, I'm not going to show you a particular buyer as there are soooo many and they are all cheap. About £3 for a pack of 100.

Step three:
Attach! If your fabric is particularly thick, you may need a tool to punch some holes to put your studs through. You could use a pin to make small holes that will guide you as to where to put your studs. You will also need some pliers to flatten the backs of the studs.


Disclaimer: you may notice that I haven't actually tried this DIY myself. There is a very good reason for this! I already own approximately 20 coats of different styles and if I come home with another one.....I'll probably get kicked out!

However, I will more than likely be ordering some studs form Ebay and attacking something I already own. Studs are HUGE again this season and make a super easy update to t-shirts, jumpers etc.
If you find them a little tough to work with, I've noticed that even some of the Topshop studded jumpers just have the studs glued on.

Give it a go!!

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Nadia said...

I used the screw on studs, much easier!