Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday in the Welsh Mountains

Another lovely day in Wales :)

Today we went to a little town in the mountains called Betsw y Coed (pronounced bett ess ee co ed)
which we drive to once a year when I visit. I first went there when I was on a climbing trip at university - it's so picturesque and popular with the tourists. I'll let my pictures do the rest of the talking!

On the way in, you get blue skies and mountains! I'm still not sure which peak is Snowdon..
There is a beautiful church near the square which I'd love to get married in - bit of a long way to go though!
The scenery is so beautiful. Imagine living in that house by the river!
We like to take a yearly photo on the bridge by the waterfall!
You have to stand in the road to take the picture so it's high risk!
I have some new clothes thanks to my mum. The dress and coat don't fit her so she gave them to me!
The dress is Warehouse and the coat is Red Herring.
So that's another holiday day finished. Tomorrow, we are off to Chester where I hope to find the River Island wedge trainers (in plum) that I saw in Llandudno. They didn't have my size :(

Wish me luck!

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