Sunday, 23 September 2012

End of the summer holidays..

Yawn. This is the last night of my "holiday." It's back to work for me tomorrow.

But first, let's have a final look at what I did with my time off!

On Thursday, Mum and I went to Chester for a days shopping. Well, actually, it was window shopping as we didn't buy anything. The highlights of the day were the carrot cake in a lovely coffee shop and lunch at Carluccio's.

The cafe window had bunting drawn on it! We all know how I feel about bunting. The bruschetta at Carluccio's was yummy and was followed by some equally yummy pasta.

My Mum made friends with an exotic local and I wore a Primark dress.
We eyed up some knitwear in Joules but were feeling a little too poor to invest.

As Friday was my last day before travelling home, I stayed in and made the rest of my Save the Date cards. That took me all morning....After lunch we made another batch of macaroons.

Wedding planning takes up the whole table!

This batch was mostly better than the first. The butter was unsalted and I used a better nozzle to pipe them......which gave them a nice, shiny surface! Only problem this time was that they didn't have their "foot" which the first batch did have. You win some, you lose some. What matters is that they are addictive to eat. Yum.

Whilst packing to go home, I found a monster in my suitcase:

Luckily he is friendly. He's called Ricemon and I'm got him from Noodoll!

My journey home was long and torturous on the train. It took FOREVER and gave me serious back ache. You do get some attractive scenery on the way though.....


Becky Conroy said...

You look like someone from Great British Bake Off looking eagerly into the oven and that shot of the sea is so dramatic, wonderful.

clairemaxwell said...

These pictures are making me hungry...