Monday, 17 September 2012

Wales in Instagram

Hello. I'm staying with my mum up in North Wales this week. This is what I've been up to!

Using Instagram way too much!
Wandering around Holyhead and admiring Tiggy - my mum's cat.
Reading wedding magazines, my favourite Smartwool socks for free!
4 retro chairs for £15, no7 foundation and £1 vintage fabric.
Packing neatly and then making a mess....because I'm on holiday!
Making macaroons for the first time.....!
So, yes. I got the chairs to go in my lounge in a couple of months time - they need sanding and recovering (maybe with the vintage fabric.) My mum's guinea pigs are pretty skittish but we managed to give them a little cuddle!
I bought a new foundation with a slightly heavier coverage - I'll let you know how that goes...

And finally, I  made my first attempt at making macaroons! It was actually fairly easy but they were supposed to be blue. The colour totally faded after baking so next time I'm going to use a non-natural food colouring. I also had the wrong piping nozzle size and we accidentally used salted butter in the butter cream filling! All things to work on next time. There are plenty of recipes on line and the you tube videos are good too.

Plenty of days to go yet on my mini holiday so keep watching xx

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Nadia said...

Try using a gel colouring in your macaroons. the colours are much more vibrant