Sunday, 9 September 2012

Wreck This Journal

I wasn't planning on buying anything today... but last week, when I was in TK Maxx I saw a copy of Wreck This Journal for only £5.99. I didn't buy it but I did buy a very lovely purple leather Filofax for £8.

However, I went back today and as luck would have it, it was still there! So I bought it.

Wreck this journal  - by Keri Smith
In case you've never come across this before, it's a notebook that has instructions on every page telling you what to do with it! Super cool.

Things like this:

I can't wait to attack it with all kinds of stuff. I'm going to try and not be too precious about it - although having been an art student for several years I'll probably get hung up on making it "arty."

If you want to see how others have killed it, check out this link to someone's blog about the ongoing process "here"

Maybe I'll even let you follow my progress. X