Friday, 18 January 2013

Oh no, it's snow!

Most of you are probably bored of talking about the snow but mine only arrived this morning so I'm still hyper about it, ok?!

Predictably, the whole of the U.K has come to a halt. Trains and buses have been cancelled, customers have panic bought every warm item and sledge in our shop and Facebook has been inundated with status updates and pictures of snowy roads! British people cannot cope with snow. Fact.

Our Sky tv apparently had no signal this evening, causing me to wonder how people in places like Canada or Norway get their tv? And how do their planes take off in the snow? Clearly, the British people just relish the chance for a day off from work and a little bit of drama!

There's no business like snow business!

The clientele for the shop I work in tends to be from the posher side of town, however most of our customers today were teenagers and chavs! Call me judgemental (please, I take it as a compliment!) but the people I served today where clearly skiving off school and work whilst I did an almost full length working day.......not entirely fair, me thinks.

Anyway, I did stop to appreciate the snowy scenes on my walk to and from work so all was not lost and the snow flurry was not in vain. God will be pleased!

I think that snow can be a little bit like Christmas.....really, it's only there for the kids. Once you get older, you are far to aware of how long it's gonna take to thaw out, once you've put your hands in the snow! But as it only happens once every few years I shall embrace it. Pneumonia and all. X

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