Tuesday, 1 January 2013

How to make Slutty Brownies like The Londoner

I think I've mentioned before that one of my favourite blogs is The Londoner .....
A while ago, Rosie posted a recipe of hers called "slutty brownies." They are called slutty because they are made with packet mixes and are ridiculously easy!
I like recipes that are easy to shop for and even easier to make so I grabbed some extra bits on my last food shopping trip and whipped up a batch this afternoon.

The only ingredients you need are a packet mix for cookies, a packet mix for brownies and a packet of Oreos - I managed to find double fill ones in Sainsburys. Oh, and an egg and some oil if your packet mix requires it!

You make the cookie mix first and squash it into the bottom of a lined tin (mine was 8"x8") then push the Oreos into the cookie layer. Then just make the brownie mixture and pour it over the top!
Rosie recommends cooking it for about half and hour but mine took a full hour.

The layers of a slutty brownie

The missing bits on the top are the bits I ate already!

Oh my god, they are sooo tasty! The Oreos go a bit squishy and creamy and then you get the yummy cookie dough at the bottom. I'm off to cut some out of the tin to munch on whilst I watch Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. Basset hound.

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Cosmetic Lover said...

Oh my do those look good! I may have to try these as well as the cookie covered oreos! Oreo fiend!