Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sales and birthdays

Would you like to know what I've been up to for the past few days? Of course you would.

I try to plan a lot of my sale shopping online before heading into town and braving the crowds - that way, I can see if there are any shops worth going in to and which ones are not worth the hassle.
Going into TK Maxx wasn't actually in my plan but I always pop in to see what's on offer. I wasn't disappointed and managed to find the cake stand that I had passed on when I visited my mum a few months back!

It's by a company called Magpie who seem to sell mainly gorgeous, retro style, vintage china. My cake stand was reduced from £30 down to £9.99 - the colours are just beautiful!

Woodland cake stand by Magpie at TK Maxx
I also saw an Orly Kiely duvet cover with matching pillow cases for a really good price but I had to pass it up as I have a bit of a duvet cover collection....
The only other thing that I have purchased in the sales is a shirt from Crew Clothing. I've had one of their shirts previously and have been really impressed with the way it washes. (God, I sound old!)
I went into the Gunwharf Quays outlet branch with the intention of getting a new shirt and managed to pick one up for £16 down from £55!! Bargain.

Apologies for the lame photo! The hat in the corner was bought in the Gap sale last year!
I also have a Fat Face gilet on its' way to the shop I work in as I can get it for a stupidly good price. I don't need it but heck, do I want it!

Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday so we went bowling and had a yummy lunch in Chiquitos. Then in the evening was a work colleagues leaving do so we headed to a cute little pub in the countryside.

Looking ridiculously cute in the hat I bought him!

I won two out of the three games!

I dressed up warm in some cosy winter layers.

Today, I've been painting the house. The hallway upstairs is now white and so is most of the second bedroom. We've planned to paint the lounge in a sort of lime green colour (nicer than it sounds, promise) with a wall of feature wallpaper.

I've been spending lots of time on Pinterest looking at other peoples rooms for some inspiration!
Anyone got any ideas on wall colours that go with a green carpet? Answers on a postcard!

I'm now working for a few days (dull) so I'll be back at the end of the week with some inspiring decorating photos!

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