Sunday, 27 January 2013

Upcycling, decorating and toastying

I've had a slightly more productive day today and it's been nice to get a few things done. I made the effort to get dressed in my what I call "posh clothes" and went to browse the local shops. Ended up buying a cheap toastie maker to enrich my day of painting.

Boots: Oasis, Jeans: River Island, Scarf: Fat Face,
Gilet: Joules, Jumper: Warehouse.
My second bedroom is now white and awaiting a new bed which is due to arrive next Wednesday. For the moment though, it's still a junk room!

I got a little bit adventurous with my toastie maker.....I made the most amazing concoction from banana, peanut butter and chocolate spread with popping candy! (All ingredients from Sainsburys)

Then I enjoyed eating it with a cup of tea and my copy of Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel. Perfect way to spend a Sunday, in my opinion.


I've also been planning how to upcycle this retro cabinet that I got for £4 from my local charity shop. Unfortunately, before I could get it home, it got knocked over and the mirror broke. Sad face.
So I've smashed off the rest of the glass with a hammer so I can cover the front with some funky wallpaper. Possibly something Orla Kiely stylee!

Retro mirrored cabinet from a charity shop

And that's what happens when you smash glass without wearing gloves. Not recommended. Health and safety is, of course, very important......

What did you do with your weekend?

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amy said...

i am drooling over that sandwich. why have i never thought to make sweet toasties?!