Friday, 25 January 2013

Oh no panic!

Well, don't panic actually....I'm just panicking for some reason because I haven't blogged all week! I've been trying to think of something interesting to tell you, but the truth is - in January I mainly just hibernate. My days are mostly spent going to work, watching a LOT of tv and complaining about how cold it is. I also seem to get migraines in January. I only have £4 in my account until next Thursday so I'm not going to be buying new clothes or going for meals at fancy restaurants!

I toyed with the idea of finding my diary from my uni days and copying out an entry....I've been feeling inspired to write a new diary recently. However, first I need to find one that locks so no sneaky little eyes can find their way in! I also thought about writing a letter to my body (bear with me) that would be sort of an apology for hating it and treating it badly, and how I've now come to accept it.....but I thought that might be a bit crap.

So instead, you have a few paragraphs of waffle and no photos! Bet you're glad you tuned in now!

This week I've learnt that you can wash your kitty stinky curtains in the bath and that you can iron the creases out of them with your hair straighteners. Who knew? I've also treated one of my cats for cystitis and the other cat has acne. Again, who knew cats could get acne?! Totally random. Acne cat also "ran away" for the day causing us no end of worry. My cats dislike each other intensely so most of our evenings are spent keeping them apart and trying to give them "equal attention."

I'm sure this is somehow good practise for parenthood in some misguided kind of way......

I'll leave you with that terrifying thought.

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