Friday, 14 January 2011

30 days of rain and a sore throat...

As you may be able to tell from the title, I'm not loving the British weather at the moment. It's been grey and wet outside all week long :(  I've been mostly focusing my shopping efforts on the Internet and swooning over satchels. Here's a few of my favourites:

River Island Across Body Satchel


I like this one as it's reasonably priced and has a Mulberry style to it. Next up is this:

ASOS Double Buckle Satchel

Again, it's a reasonable price and although it's not real leather, I think you could fool a few people!
And so onto the Mulberrys...These are the bags I dream of owning...


Tillie textured-leather bag


Alexa Mulberry Bag


Edie Large Shoulder - £812 
Ok, so that one isn't really a satchel but it's still gorgeous. I want!
Whilst hunting for satchels and inevitably finding the Cambridge Satchel Company, I discovered that they also sell trunks! In different colours! This makes me think of rich kids going off to boarding school in Jack Wills clothing.....which sadly makes me quite jealous! Here they are...

From £83 to £143.
And how cute is this?

11" pink satchel - £74.

Maybe a little expensive for a small satchel....

Proenza Schouler

PS1 medium linen satchel

Yes, it may be over a £1000 but a girl can dream....
Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket?

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