Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pretty little things....

Still feeling under the weather so I've had a quiet day....I went for lunch with the boyfriend then came back and watched Sex and The City 2 whilst dying on the sofa. :o(
I've been reading all my favourite blogs this evening and generally feeling jealous that all these girls can make themselves look like supermodels in their photos! And they get invited to amazing fashion events and sent freebies from amazing designers! Totally unfair.
This evening, I have been online jewellery shopping and found some little gems. Unfortunately for me, I'm strangely allergic to anything that isn't real silver or gold which means I have much less choice in cheap, costume jewellery. When I was in Accessorize the other day, they told me that all there jewellery is nickel free which might be ok but I'm not convinced....
Here are some of the things I've found..

Bird Whistle Necklace


From .....They also have this:

Hide and Seek


Another super cool website I have found is called 
They make awesome things like this:


Stag Skull

Vintage Key
This key really appeals to me after seeing Blair Waldorf wearing a Tiffanys version on Gossip Girl. I guess it would be easy to find a vintage looking key to put on a chain...
This sort of jewellery reminds me of the jewellery of Claire English ( ) who was featured on a programme about young entrepreneurs trying to make it big. She uses items from her childhood and items with a very English feel to them and casts them in silver. The results are beautiful....

Bubble Blower necklace £220
Actually, after looking at the jewellery on her site, I have to say that the bubble blower is probably the only piece I actually like...sorry Claire!
Well, I think that's going to have to be all for now as I'm going to try and revive myself with a shower...Ta ra.


Nail Daze said...

I LOVE that tape ring! xxx

oomph. said...

i love the tape measure adorable. actually, i love all the pieces you posted.