Monday, 10 January 2011

Not enough hours in the day...

Ok, ok. So I know I said I would blog on the weekend but then I had to make birthday cupcakes, go out and get drunk on vodka and then sleep most of the next day away. So then there wasn't time!
I'm only going to post a selection of my photos as most of the people reading this will already have seen them on Facebook....
Let's start with the holiday in Alabama!

There were 16 members of my family for dinner! Bit of a squash..

A whole town made of gingerbread houses!

My cousins are all creative types so they decided to have a photo shoot on the cliff edge...

Discovered that my camera has loads of funky settings..

Could be  a worse photo I suppose!

A photograph from the Alabama Museum of Art (it's a tree after a tornado had hit..)

My cousin will kill me for this...(in the background you can watch the doughnuts being made!)

We went to the Davidson Space Centre

I'm really missing the blue skies and sunshine!

Bizarre looking plant at the botanical gardens. 

Well, I think that was a random enough selection of my holiday photos! I had an awesome time except for the plane journeys to and from America which were hideously long....I got to watch some new films on the way back though so it wasn't all bad!
I'm going to start saving for my next holiday now...

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