Friday, 21 January 2011

What sort of things should I buy in January?

I think this is a really difficult time of year to know what to buy....To me it seems like all the trends have been and gone but it's still a long way from spring and far too cold outside for that anyway! I don't really want to pay full price for winter clothes anyway as it's sale season...
I'm going to search the internet and see if there's anything vaguely worth buying......

From Topshop:

Navy Clover Flower Print Dress

  • Price: £46.00
Cute! I'd wear this with a cardy, tights and boots. And a big, chunky scarf.

Navy Floral Stripe Belt Dress

  • Price: £38.00
I saw this dress in my local Topshop and fell in love but it's very lightweight and not very weather appropriate for this time of year! I might have to go try it on tomorrow though...

That's literally all I can find that I like on the highstreet websites. Dismal pickings.
Oh!!! But I have just found out that Next are doing prescription glasses on their website! And they have a huge choice of gorgeous D&G frames and even a few by Prada. I've always wanted designer frames but have been put off by the price. There are a few websites where you can order your glasses but that seems a bit scary to me. What if I get it wrong?
I think my favourite pair might be these....

£112 D&G from Next Vision

However, I also like some of the coloured frames...

£118 D&G Next Vision

I want! I'm quite bored of my 2 pairs of glasses...(They're Missoni from Specsavers..)
And lastly, I dyed my hair red a couple of nights ago due to boredom...Here are the results:

This is of a very select few where I actually have my glasses on. What do you think of the new colour? I'm quite liking it! :)

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kirstyb said...

i was looking at the 2nd topshop dress yesterday - its such a gorge shape x