Monday, 10 January 2011

All the things I got in December and January!

I did quite well at Christmas and got lots of stuff I actually wanted! All good! I also did a fair bit of shopping whilst in America and a little bit when I got home in the January sales (which were pretty naff to be honest!)

I got this kit at the Hobby Lobby in Alabama - it was super easy to make!

I had wanted this duvet cover from Ikea for ages and finally got it for my birthday from my boyfriend! I like to sleep with my head in the clouds...

L-R: Iron on transfers from Brighton, Badges in the sale from Accessorize, stickers in the sale from Accessorize.

Cushion from Accessorize (in the sale)

Left: iron on embroidery designs from Hobby Lobby, right- embroidery book from my boyfriend via Amazon and at the bottom is my first ever attempt at cross stitch!

Beautiful sewing box from my boyfriends parents.

Inside the sewing box.

Fisheye camera from the Urban Outfitters sale.

Abercrombie pj bottoms and hoody from the Abercrombie sale.

Crystal rings from River Island, bobble ring from Museum of Art, Alabama, earrings from my Great Aunt (handmade) and bracelet from my mum.

Christmas present from my mum.

Perfume and moisturiser from my mum, nail polish pens from Alabama.

Sock dog that I made my friend for Christmas.

All made by me except the rainbow stripe one (Ebay) and the navy blue one (Gap)

Candy and cereal from Alabama!
 Quite a lot of stuff huh? Finding places for it all in my house is proving difficult....Anwayz, Glee has just started so I have to go now! Photos coming up include my leopard print nails and a slightly messy vodka fuelled night out....

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