Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Are you bored of my hair yet? Well here are a few more pics!
I recently got my hair cut at Rush in Southampton for the second time and I was still pretty impressed with the service. They had sent me a text on my birthday (back in November) offering me £10 off my haircut so I couldn't really argue with that! I used to go to Essensuals but Rush seem to offer better discounts and I can't afford to be choosy. Here are the results...

This isn't the greatest photo of me....but you get the idea. I really like the way she curled the ends with the hairbrush whilst she was drying it - something I don't think I can recreate at home!

I was feeling a bit creative earlier in the week so I decided to give a beehive a try after seeing a few video tutorials. It went alright for a first attempt!

Obviously it's not a full beehive and it's not all that high. But full marks for trying, right?

Here's my outfit from yesterday...

Polo shirt and hoody from Hollister, denim skirt from Gap and boots by Ugg.
As you can see, I'm hardly going to win any style awards with this one.....but in my defence it was super cold outside and now I'm nearing 30 it's just too tempting to dress for comfort! Lol.

Speaking of comfort, I got these pj bottoms in the Gap final reductions sale for £3.50! I used to work at Gap and have lots of their pj bottoms because they last well and they're ultra comfy.

I spotted this (below) in my room the other day and couldn't resist taking a picture...

It's the cable of my hairdryer snaking its' way around the edge of my mirror. See, beauty is everywhere if you are looking hard enough (or if you are just relaxed enough to notice.)

What have you been missing that has been right in front of you?

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