Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Today sucked arse...

Today was just a little bit rubbish. Nothing bad happened but it was completely boring and uneventful. A bit of a waste of a day. Yesterday however, was pretty good. I went into town to meet the boyfriend and indulge in some shopping. And here's what I got....

I got this from Primarni for £15 and I LOVE it! It's so cute and being cream, it will go with lots of different things ie brooches and different types of shoes/boots. I'm planning to wear it in the day time with tights and my favourite leather boots and maybe for the evening with shoe boots or heels. I went in to Topshop after buying this and saw an almost identical version for £48!

I also got this coat for £10 in the sale but haven't decided whether or not to keep it yet....(I'm a serial returner)...

It looks black and white in my photo but it's actually sort of a brown and gold colour. It has horses printed on it and I'm quite fond of it already but the boyfriend says it has puffy shoulders that look a bit weird....and really, do I need yet another coat?

I also got one more sale bargain....another check shirt from Hollister for £10.90...this time it's a fleecy one.

The colours on my photos are really bad this evening - sorry!
Here's a quick outfit pic of what I wore to go shopping..

Dress from Primark, cardigan from Benetton, boots from Faith, bag from the internet.
I look a little cross eyed in this picture...not sure what happened there! Lol.
I wore my favourite red duffle coat over the top which is from the kids section at Benetton (from when I used to work there...)

And my cute mittens are from Joules and are a bit too big for me as I have the hands of a small child...

One last thing.......I found a great free app for my phone called Instant Fx (I think) which is a camera app that allows you to select effects such as fisheye, polaroid, Warhol etc.
I've been playing around with it a little bit and it's so much fun! I'll try and put some pics up soon to give you an idea of the results.
Ta ta for now...

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