Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A little bit of vintage style...

I'm a bit of a fan of girly, vintage style so that is what these pics are based around. This little, pink top was a great find in the Primark sale for just £5....

The colours are much brighter than my camera shows. It's quite sheer and I think it'll perfect for summer with some cute shorts   :)

I may have mentioned I was buying a dolls house.....well here it is. Actually it's huge and more of a mansion than a house! I'm planning to decorate it with some retro, designer 70's furniture. Watch this space.

I wanted to make a little bit of effort today so I put on my favourite new dress, also from Primark.

Dress from Primark, tights from Gap, shoes from Limited Collection at M and S.
Not the best photo but my housemate is ill at the moment with man-flu and didn't really want to get off the sofa. The tights and heels are actually navy....I love these heels - I got them last year but couldn't find anything to wear with them.

I didn't actually wear the heels today as I'm just doing housework (glam) so I swapped for some navy boots with my new boot cuffs around the top...

The tights are not really that bright blue colour either! They're navy, I swear!

I also mentioned a little while ago that I wanted to make a "usamimi" hairband. That's Japanese for rabbits ears apparently...It's basically a bendy, fabric hairband that has rabbit ear shapes at the end.
My first hairband was a little too wide and not quite long enough to twist the ends..

My second attempt went much better:

I will probably put the second one up for sale on my Etsy shop. They were pretty easy to make so I'm going to experiment with a few more fabrics and designs.
Lastly, as I have been feeling quite creative recently, I decided to make myself a fleece bear - a bigger version of the one I got from Paperchase for Valentines Day. I'm really pleased with the results and I'm not sure I can bear (see what I did there?) to put him up for sale!


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