Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I just don't "get" technology...

Is it just me or are computers and the internet sometimes really hard to use? I've just signed up for something called "Shopsense" which seems to be a tool to add advertising to your blog. (I'm only going to put on products that I think you might actually like and want to buy.)
Now I've filled out an account....wouldn't your next step be to look for a section on how to use the tool? Well, there isn't one. And this has happened to me on a few other tools and gadgets I've tried to use. I'd quite like to put a people counter at the bottom of my blog but I have absolutely not got the faintest clue how to do it!
Some websites seem to assume that you know what their product is all about and that you understand things like html. Not me. Haven't the fogiest.
I'm just going to try and stick some adds at the bottom of this and see if they appear. Probably won't. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, hey?
P.s If anyone can help me with any of this layout and tools stuff then please comment and let me know!

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