Thursday, 3 February 2011

Reviews galore....

Hiya! How are you today? Good? Great. On to the important stuff....
I have lots of things to review for you today.....I'm feeling a little bit behind on that side of things!
Up first, it's my swanky, new Smart Phone - The Motorola Defy (on a tmobile contract)

First impressions on taking it out of the box were that it was a good size but maybe a bit boring looking. That's easily fixed (hopefully) by the bright orange silicone cover I have ordered from amazon (yet to arrive.)
Trying to set the phone up caused me a bit of a panic as the instructions are USELESS but it does however tell you how to do most things as you go along. Luckily I have a techno savvy housemate who helped me through it.
Once it was up and running, we realised that it wouldn't download anything from the Android market place so we googled the problem and found that it has something to do with changing from a googlemail account to a gmail account. So we had to restore the phone to factory settings and start that but again. Luckily all my contacts and music stayed on there. I downloaded a programme called double twist onto my laptop that allowed me to put my itunes music onto the phone!
The rest was all just a bit of a learning curve and my boyfriend is now an angry birds widow! It runs the game really well and all the graphics on the phone are pretty cool too. I'm really happy with it and frankly AMAZED by what you can make a mobile phone do!

Next up is Garnier Nutrisse hair colourant in shade "Crimson Pleasure" - a deep red colour. (Also called colour 3.6 / deep reddish brown.)

It was pretty easy to use with a really strong, fruity smell (better than ammonia I guess) and I really liked the results......for the first few days. You can see the colour change from my previous photos. Unfortunately, despite claiming to be permanent it faded after about a week and a half. Now I know that red fades faster than any other colour but that's just ridiculous. I went to my hairdressers for a cut and asked her for advice, and she said it's probably because my shampoo (Pantene) is not ph balanced. Fair play then, but it doesn't say anything in the instructions about using different shampoos.
I've now bought Directions semi permanent dye which comes in a little tub and is what I (and all my friends) used to use as a teenager and at art school.
It's only £5 and the pot lasts ages. Not so easy to apply though as there is no brush and BEWARE it will stain your bath if you're not careful!

I've gone for "Poppy Red" which looks a bit terrifying....I've used "Rubine" in the past which is a darker red.
I bought it in a little shop in Southampton but I think you can get it on ebay.
I'll post the results when I'm done :)   
Ps I have also bought Elvive colour protect shampoo and conditioner which is currently on 2 for £4 at my local Sainsburys! Wish me luck....

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