Friday, 22 April 2011

An Adorable Easter

Hiya! Everyone enjoying the sun? I know I am. My outfit for today was quite tan is coming along slowly but surely. I went to Winchester with my mum and had a lovely day out, mostly window shopping.
I used to live in Winchester when I was an art student at the Winchester School of Art and found it to be quite a boring place to live! However, the shopping has improved a lot over the last few years and Winchester now has a very Guildford feel to it. Very cosmopolitan! I always used to feel a bit inadequate compared to the hip, glamorous people that live there and now it feels even more that way!
Here's what I wore:

Top: Gap, skirt: Primark, sandals: Primark, bag: charity shop.
This is the first time this year that I have used one of my favourite bags. It's leather and I got it for £2 in my local charity shop! Absolute bargain. I really need to start photo-shop-ing my photos!
Here's a close up of the little details:

The necklace is from Mikey - I've had it for a few years so you won't be able to buy it now!
  I only bought 2 things today. The first is yet another can of Batiste - an absolute wonder product in my opinion! This is a new scent called "Brit" which I haven't tried yet so no idea what it smells like...

I just thought the packaging was appropriate with the Royal wedding coming up!
The second thing I bought was a coat which I'm hiding as I probably shouldn't have bought it. In my defence it was 70% off and it's designer - Ben De Lisi for Principles. Too good to pass up. You'll have to wait for winter to see it!
I fell in love with several things in Jigsaw, a shop I have never been in before today. It's definitely on the pricey side but the clothes are classic and beautiful quality. I also went into Hobbs and found some equally gorgeous clothes. I'll post some things from their website next time I blog.
Until then, have a Happy Easter weekend! x

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Cait said...

Nice summery outfit :) the bag is so nice, good bargin! And I absolutely swear by Batiste dry shampoo lol!