Sunday, 24 April 2011

And we'll have fun fun fun....

How gorgeous was the weather today?! Surely that's unheard of for a Bank holiday weekend? I spent several hours this morning in the garden in my bikini, just relaxing. Then me and the boy drove to my Gran's house for tea. Lovely!

I got a couple of Easter eggs to munch on.....they're currently in the fridge until the weather cools down!
I wanted to post a picture of my pastel coloured nail polish but I've left it too late in the day and this camera is complaining about low light. I want my old one back :( it's still M.I.A.

However I do have a picture for in my bikini! This is probably blogging suicide but I thought that it would make everyone feel better about their own bodies - lol. As a girl with insecurities I know that other girls and going to look at this picture and instantly pick holes in my figure! Be honest, that's what girls do!
I'd just like to say that yes, I would like to be half a stone thinner and a few inches taller. Who doesn't? But generally I'm happy enough with the way look and not bothered enough to join a gym. So here it is:

Let's face it - it could be worse!

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LonnekeS said...

You're brave! I could never post a picture of my bikini, hahahhaa, but you have such a nice body! I would be proud :)

Anyway, nice easter to you!x