Thursday, 7 April 2011

Getting crafty!

Let me just say before I show you this, that I got the idea from someone else! Gemma from
She has a very popular blog so you will probably see these "no sew" purses popping up everywhere! They are so easy to make and cheap to so I couldn't resist giving it a go. I managed to find white sticky tape and some scrap fabric (which isn't particularly beautiful..)
Here they are:

It's a purse and clutch bag. I know they don't look too exciting but they're my first attempts! I also didn't have any fabric that I really liked...I'm planning to make some more and decorate them with buttons and ribbons.
Here's what you need to make them:

And some fabric of course....I'll let Gem explain how to make them as she has a great video on her blog.

We didn't get to the zoo today as the weather wasn't great so we will be going tomorrow whatever the weather! Instead we went to the local shops where I bought the materials and also this months Elle magazine. I tried on some lovely trousers in the New Look sale but they didn't quite fit! Their sizing is on the mean side...

Pale Grey (Grey) Stripe Paperbag Trousers | 214234302 | New Look

They were similar to this but only about £12 in the sale. I'll have a look in my local New Look when I get home.....
We also went to the pet shop to get some new fish (exciting times!) and I picked this angel fish as it's got metallic scales and I thought it looked very "this season"

I think that if you wanted to get fashion inspiration from nature then this fish is the way forward!
I've also found a new favourite snack which partly a favourite for it's appearance!

Party rings now come in mini packets! I absolutely adore party rings and they're quite low in calories which is a bonus....although that normally means I eat a whole packet....Not so good!
Tomorrow hopefully will bring zoo animal pictures!

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