Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Midas Touch....

I may have mentioned that I went shopping yesterday....My lovely Mum proved to be a great help in choosing items and colours that I wouldn't normally wear. I ended up by 3 things - all of which are are goldy/camel colour - a colour I have never bought in my entire life! I also got a matching ring and some gold nail polish.
Here are the results!

This is my new jumper (bought for £10 in the Warehouse sale.) It's a really luxurious soft fabric and looks lovely with my new skirt:

The picture doesn't really do this justice....I'll have to post a picture of the full outfit when I get round to wearing it... It was £40 from Oasis. Pricey for me but it's quite classic and therefore I can call it an investment piece!
I also bought this dress:

Which was £24.50 in the Red Herring sale. I bought all three things in Debenhams which is somewhere I don't normally shop as our Southampton branch is a bit of a walk from the main high street. This dress was a bit long and had annoying loops to hold the belt on so I did what most people who are nearly 30 do.....I got my mum to take it up for me!! Here she is, hard at work...

She was struggling a bit as the hem goes inwards at the bottom so she doesn't look very happy! Gotta love your mum....
I also went in to River Island to look in the sale but didn't find much except for this snake ring (£4) and Models Own gold digger nail polish for a bargainous £2! Loving it.

Today we went for a drive in the Welsh mountains to beautiful little town called Betws y Coed. The sun came out and we had a lovely day. Here I am sitting by a very over photographed river....

Wearing Muubaa leather jacket, River Island jeans, Faith boots and a scarf borrowed from my mum!
Going to the mountain zoo tomorrow so my photos will be of a slightly different genre!

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