Monday, 18 April 2011

Girl crush

As I don't have any of my own outfits to post (been tied up with work) I thought I would focus instead on my current "girl crushes." If you're not down with the lingo, a girl crush is when you admire a girls' style or personality and want to be just like them, or best friends with them!
  I'm currently loving Olivia Palermo (from "The City") although she comes across as quite bitchy so I'll settle for stealing her style!

I think it's criminal for someone to be that pretty.....Now, who else??
Who remembers those few episodes of The O.C where Mischa Barton fell for Olivia Wilde? They are both absolutely gorgeous and would no doubt have beautiful children if nature found a way!!

Well, there you go. Feeling inadequate now??! These pictures make me want to grow my hair again....and not eat! But hey, they're probably not happy!


Cait said...

I love Mischa Barton and Olivia Wilde! I like Olivia Palermo's style but she does seem like a bit of a bitch lol

LonnekeS said...

I like olicia's style 4sure! I just don't like her personality, haha. Too bad she wears beautiful clothes.