Sunday, 10 April 2011

Staying out for the summer....

After a horrifically long journey home form Wales yesterday, I was super looking forward to sunbathing today.....then I woke up this morning and felt SERIOUSLY ill. Luckily it only lasted about half an hour but it was touch and go there for a while! Thought I was dying and muttered the words "take me to a and e!"
  When i had finished being dramatic, I enjoyed several hours on sunshine (although I have the ability to tan) and then had a lovely bbq dinner of chicken tikka kebabs. Lush.
  A little update on my Saturday....before getting the train home, my mum took me to a flea market in Bangor where I had previously picked up a retro coffee table for £7. This time I came away with a retro chair for £10! I absolutely love it although it needs sanding down and I also need to pick up some gorgeous fabric to re-upholster the cushions. Here it is:

What you can't tell from this picture is that it is also a rocking chair. It's super comfy and I love it to bits. Not sure what my other half will say as I haven't shown him yet......It's currently still at my mum's house as I didn't have room for it on the train! She is going to bring it down at Easter but then I will have to find somewhere to store it until I have moved house.
  I only have one picture from the Mountain Zoo as the rest are on my mum's camera. I have still "misplaced" mine. Sad face.
One of my favourite animals at the zoo were the baby guinea pigs! And also several of the little monkeys. But here are the guinea pigs:

I was going to put one in each of my cardigan pockets but my mum wouldn't let me :(   I might get a house guinea pig when I move...
The only other picture I have at the moment is one I took on the train when I was experimenting with a new retro camera app. It's of a shopping bag I got in Tesco's for only £4. It's by Orla Kiely so I'm hoping they are going to do a range of them like they did with the Cath Kidston bags.

You can't really tell but the print is of pears - very retro. I will probably get something like this to cover my chair cushions.
I had a quick look on Etsy for some retro furniture and fabrics. Never thought to look on Etsy for furniture before but I was quite surprised to find some lovely items. I'm currently starting a love affair with Scandinavian fabrics and furniture....Here are some of my favourite picks from Etsy...

Eames Era Lounge Chair and Ottoman £438 from Barefootdwelling

Booma-rang coffee table £103 by lunarloungedesign

Cushion Pillow Cover £13 Handmade Orla

I hope you like retro as it's certainly my taste! Certain items from the 60s and 70s still look great today....

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