Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bridalplasty - oh my.

Stop what you're doing. I've found the most amazing car crash tv programme EVER.

It's called Bridalplasty and you can find it on the Sky Living channel if you're in the U.K.

The whole idea behind the show is for the 12 contestants to compete in challenges to win plastic surgery and items for their "perfect" wedding. Each week, they all vote to eliminate the "bottom" bride and the one left standing at the end gets all the items they've picked and all the plastic surgery on their list.
The twelve misfits
In case you're wondering, car crash tv is the kind of tv that you know is going to be awful but you can't help but take a look. Bridalplasty certainly has that one covered....

Apparently, the show aired on American tv in 2010 so unfortunately, whilst researching for this blog post, I accidentally found out who won.....but that won't stop me from watching the rest of the episodes!

The star of the show is clearly "Jenessa." I'm guessing her parents couldn't decide between calling her Jenny or Vanessa, and so Jenessa was unfortunately born. She's the slightly ginger looking one in the turquoise dress above. Jenessa is one scheming little minx. (That's putting it nicely because my grandparents are reading...) She's the girl that gives other girls a bad name.

Unlike Big Brother, the contestants are allowed to discuss nominations so Jenessa is quick to set up an alliance with 3 of the other girls. Then she cleverly "puppeteers" the other girls into voting for whoever she would like to see evicted! As much as you know you should hate her, you kind of have to give her some kudos for not caring about looking like a b*tch on national tv.

Now, I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with plastic surgery. If I had the money going spare then I'd probably get my bumpy nose fixed....! What I object to is the girls crooning on about how they are trying to get the perfect wedding by looking perfect for their fiances who quite clearly love the girls just the way they are!

What these girls are really competing for is surgery and 15 minutes of fame. Sure, life has been hard for some of them. One girl has a fiance who has been in Iraq for months and she is sacrificing the chance to meet him at the airport to spend 4 months away from him getting surgery.....

And a couple of the girls are already married!! But sadly, they had to rush their wedding days because of various reasons and sadly haven't had their "perfect" day. Boo hoo.

My favourite part of the show is at the end when one girl gets the sack. The presenter says: "Your journey ends here. You wedding will still go ahead, it just won't be perfect."



Vanessa Ryan said...

Brilliant blog! Couldn't stop laughing !

Becky Conroy said...

Oh my gosh. "it just won't be perfect" hilarious! xx