Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wedding play lists - how not to fall out!

Dear readers,
                     I like to think that my fiance and I agree about most of the details for our wedding (or maybe he just can't be bothered to argue most of the details!) but one thing we can't agree on is the music.
We have VERY different taste in music. I like the 60s and 70s and mid 90s indie.....he likes rock and the 80s and Pink Floyd. We can agree on The Beatles and Queen (let's face it - who doesn't like them?) but that's almost as far as it goes. We can seriously argue and even fall out about the rest of it.
So how do we go about choosing "mutual" music?

We need to pick a first dance song and also agree on a few hours worth of music for the reception. I think the music should be recognisable to everyone (young and old) and have lyrics that you can sing along to. He would rather have the songs that he knows and likes, but that would have your average granny turning off their hearing aid!

No one likes a dancing dad....

I do think he's right in pointing out that it's our wedding and we should have what we like.....but how far do you take that?

We've started the process by finding a website that lets you create your own playlist. That way, you and your beloved can search for songs you both like and just add them to a play list with the click of a button. Youtube is also really helpful if one of you has never heard of the song that the other is suggesting!

As for the all important "first dance," we are still undecided. What would you suggest? What did you have at your wedding?

And how on earth do you pick the music for one of the most important days of your life?!

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amy said...

I feel your pain! I'd take Pink Floyd over bloody Steps (which is seriously what I could be facing) any day!

We are compromising. He ruled out 'Fuck it I love you" by Malcolm Middleton for fear of the oldies not liking it. I chose the walking down the aisle music, he got to chose the walking out music but the majority of the evening playlist will be down to me because it's 'my thing', as long as I bung in some stuff for him. We luckily agree on the first dance because it's from a film that we love and he bought me the soundtrack, otherwise, we'd be completely screwed. Good luck!