Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Marks and Spencer - Rediscovering a classic love!

I had a really great shopping experience today (which is rare) so I thought I would share it with you.

We have a huge Marks and Spencers just five minutes from our house so I decided to stop in and have a look as I haven't bought any new clothes recently. If you read regularly, you'll know that I have wedding to help pay for so there hasn't been much spare cash for fashion!

For those of you not in the U.K, Marks and Spencer is a British institution. They've been around for decades and apart from a short spell where they weren't doing so well, they've come back with gusto. I was amazed at how "on trend" the clothing was and even though I only went in to browse, I ended up trying on 6 items.

Items from Marks and Spencer Limited Collection and Autograph range.
I spent a lot of time looking in the kids/ teenager section as I can just about fit in the age 13-14 years clothing! The floral jeans above were only about £20 and had a great, super skinny cut - they were part of the Autograph collection. Unfortunately they were just a little too snug but they had other skinny jeans that went up to a 32 inch waist! Bit big for a kid surely?

The stripe bikini is also kids' and was only about £14. I was really tempted by it but in the end I didn't get it.

The fitting rooms are great too. The have 3 mirrors allowing you to see from every angle (something that usually puts me off!) and were somehow really flattering! The staff are always top notch and friendly which helps. They'll get you other sizes or help you order things.

Please excuse my "hobo" wear! It was a slobby day.

I ended up buying the navy, pug print dress and the sheer, spectacle print top. I bought size 10 in both which is always nice! It came to £60 and to be honest, I'm not sure I can currently afford to keep them....but I really, really want to!

Limited Collection pug print dress

Spectacle print top - Marks and Spencer

The quality feels high and the sheer top claims to be easy care. We'll see! Even though it's sheer, it somehow isn't see through.

I can't wait to wear my new items and I'm now going to have a sneaky look online at the teenagers section to see if there's anything I missed!

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clairemaxwell said...

Lovely finds! Love a bit of M&S.