Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day at Marwell Zoo

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Big hugs to all the single people :)

I decided that it would be nice for me and my fiance to have a day out together so I took him to Marwell Zoo near Winchester as a surprise. We were really lucky with the weather and I had prepared a packed lunch to save us a bit of money. The ticket price is quite reasonable in the winter (£12.70) but the food and drink in the cafe is hellishly expensive!

We saw most of my favourite animals (the sand cats, meerkats, big fluffy ferocious cats etc) but the tamarind monkeys were hiding or being cleaned. I wanted to cuddle most of the animals but they weren't so impressed by me!

Marwell Zoo
Ralph the penguin!
I'm not entirely sure why this little dude was wearing an O'Neill wetsuit....maybe he was cold or has trouble swimming! Either way, I was tempted to lean over and smuggle him out of the zoo.

Another of my favourites are the red pandas. Last time I went they were all hiding up in the trees but today they were nice and close (and grab-able!) and willing to have their photos taken.

marwell zoo
Red pandas
The little panda on the left had a bad itch and also no fluff on the end of his tail. Poor little guy needs a hug, right?

The right hand one was having a good run around and came right up to us, but when i got the camera out the little bugger kept moving!

Action shot of the fidgety red panda!
Here are some of the other beauties that we saw:

Mr Meerkat

Snoozing leopard - one cool cat!
marwell zoo
Five giraffes crowding around the hay

Massive rhinos - these guys were HUGE!

And then there's the obligatory shot of us :)

The happy couple
The happy couple!

I also got woken up this morning with a huge bunch of flowers and breakfast in bed. Lucky old me!

We had a really lovely day and it was nice to get out and about in the sunshine as I've had the lurgy for the past few days! I 've been thanking God for "Covonia" cough syrup and mostly just recuperating.

How did you spend Valentines Day?


Vanessa Ryan said...

Brilliant photos! Looks like the animals were more obliging than usual.

Anonymous said...

oight mate